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In this photo album I wanna share with you all the work we are doing at HOI AN CLEAN UP and the people from Hoi An Kayak Tours sponsored by Anantara Hoi An Resort.

Even when now we have stopped all the activities because of the virus, the purpose of sharing this is to inspire and encourage both local people and tourists, to clean up the Thu Bon river together keeping it healthy and advancing their awareness of the environment.

Every Saturday morning a group of volunteers jumps into kayaks and paddle across the river.
Once we reach the banks on the islands across, we start to clean by hand or with sticks, picking up everything in our reach: plastic spoons, diapers, plastic bottles, shoes, helmets, old TV, milk containers, helmets, straws, styrofoam boxes and everything that the people get rid of. No worries, we use gloves :)

Every Saturday we fill an entire truck with trash!

After all the sweaty work, you won't believe how HOT Vietnam can be, the people from Anantara Hoi An Resort invite us to have a yummy breakfast.

If you are in Vietnam and you want to be part of the clean-up you can join the group by clicking here, otherwise if you feel inspired by watching those images you can replicate it anywhere you are.

To make it happen you just need the impulse, plastic gloves and good friends to help you.

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